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Welcome to Information Attunement

Optimize your life with your very own Information Attunement session utilizing the combination of Quantum Physics and Intentional Transformation. Each Information Attunement session is customized specifically to your "wish list" or desired state of being and is applied only for you- as unique as your own fingerprint. Your Intuitive Practitioner will guide you in the exploration and transformation of Health, Relationships, Career, Business, Life’s Purpose, Abundance, Manifestation or any specific facet of your life that you wish to enhance. There is no subject that cannot be addressed.

consciousness gfx tempThe transformation you seek is achieved simply by optimizing your attunement to the Universal Field of Consciousness. This field is also called the Source of Creation, Innate Intelligence, or Unified Field as theorized by Einstein. It is the domain of consciousness that produces the blueprint for development and transformation of our mind-body and life course. That blueprint is shaped by the way our individual consciousness is attuned to this Universal Consciousness.  Suffering, illness, dis-ease and obstacles to the life we want arise when we are attuned to erroneous information of the sort we find in our fear-based culture and society. Wellness, healing, and a life of abundance are enabled when our consciousness is directed to attune to the informational patterns that give them the opportunity to manifest. Your Information Attunement will build the informational structure required for a life of health and abundance.

Your Information Attunement session is performed by long distance, as space and time do not diminish the power of Intentional Transformation. This saves you time, money and energy by allowing you to stay in the comfort of your home or office during your session. The Information Attunement process perfectly compliments and optimizes any therapy, program or training that you are currently doing to improve your life.

  • Entanglement v1Quantum Entanglement

    Quantum Entanglement or Therapeutic Entanglement, is an experimentally verified and accepted property of nature in the world of Quantum Physics. It is what connects all of us through a universe that is an undivided whole.  While Therapeutically Entangled with you, your Intuitive Practitioner uses a form of biofeedback called Muscle Response Testing, to bring awareness to your Mind-Body and guide you to release attunement to the informational patterns that provoke illness and suffering and encourage attunement to those that will usher in the healing and life of fulfillment that you seek.

  • nano scalarScalar Technology

    Scalar Technology is used to amplify and repeat the transmission of the Field Of Intention that is generated in each Information Attunement session. Simply plug your "Zinger" Scalar Antenna into the earpiece of an mp3 device and repeat the broadcast of the Intentional Transformation generated in your Information Attunement session. Quantum theorists describe scalar waves as “non-electromagnetic fields” that transmit information and other fields of consciousness, independent of space and time. Scalar waves are unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter and do not decay over time or distance.

    Purchase a Scalar Antenna

    Purchase an Attunement Session

How much is the Scalar Wave antenna?

The scalar wave antenna is $79, which includes tax shipping and handling.

What should I do if I need to change my appointment?

Simply contact us by email at at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

We require at least 24 hours notice to cancel a previously scheduled appointment to avoid being charged the full fee for your appointment. ALL times are assumed to be Central Standard Time zone (USA).

Do you work with people internationally?

Yes. The power of conscious intent is not diminished by time or space so you can be anywhere in the Universe and have an Information Attunement session.

How much do the Information Attunement sessions cost?

30-minute session - $150

How will I feel after the session?

Everyone responds differently, in his or her own unique way. Many people feel a bit “spacey” after their session, which is simply a neurological, chemical and energetic shift that takes place during the processing of the correction. Sleep patterns are usually influenced and this change can easily be felt during processing. In rare cases some people feel achy, sore or even a return and release of old physical emotional trauma as they process to resolution.

What are the Information Attunement sessions like? What is required of me?

You will be asked to fill out a confidential questionnaire about yourself and your goals. The first session will always be done while on the telephone from the comfort of your home or office and lasts 45 minutes so that we can get to better know each other. Each session can be based on a specific goal such as the enhancement of Health, Relationships, Career, Business, Life’s Purpose, Abundance or Manifestation. Another option would be to leave the session open to your higher self to determine the content of the session based on your greatest good and highest joy. After the first session your participation on the telephone is optional, as some people prefer to enter into their own meditative state, take a nap or simply go about their daily routine while the process takes place.* Prior to each subsequent session you will email your agenda, which includes feedback from the previous session, any additional goals and whether or not you choose to be on the telephone.

*Driving during the Information Attunement session is not permitted due to the possibility of entering into an altered state of consciousness.

Will the Information Attunement process work with other courses or workshops?

The Information Attunement process perfectly compliments and optimizes any program, course or training that you are currently doing to improve your life. The IA process does not require you to adhere to any dogma or belief systems. It simply informs your conscious mind of the illusions that keep you from experiencing the desired state of being.

How do I know if the Information Attunement is right for me?

You have been led to this website through some form of guidance such as a referral from a friend or a serendipitous web search. This very guidance, your intuition, will speak to you as to whether the process is right for you. Each session is a reflection of your Other-Than-Conscious in the ever changing now. So, if you find any program or modality that suits your style of healing, growth and transformation, pursuing it will deepen your perceptions and awareness of the illusions standing between you and your preferred state of being. There is no one path to healing, growth and transformation and everyone is unique in his or her journey of consciousness. The Information Attunement process attempts to tailor various methods and facets of consciousness to each person’s sensibility.

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